Solar Geysers

The Ethekwini Municipality Building Division has a relatively new building standard which requires at least 50% of households water, within a new development, must be heated from a renewable source. On average, 50% of a household’s electricity consumption comes from the heating of your water.

Solar geysers have proven to be a great efficient source of energy and although they are costly to install, they ultimately end up generating a cost saving of about 50% on your normal electricity expenditure. The duplex and freestanding units will all come equipped with direct solar geysers allowing you to enjoy the benefits of electrical cost savings and save the planet at the same time.

Each tube is vacum tight and contains a single copper wire which extends up through the middle of the tube and into the watertight tank, which stores your hot water. These tubes are so efficient that once exposed to the sun, the tubes and copper wires within are heated almost immediately. The water then picks up the heat from the copper wires which in turn commences the boiling process. The hot water is then stored in the tank until needed i.e. until you turn your hot water faucet on.


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